Yemassee Contests

In our past life as Yemassee Journal, we ran both fiction and poetry contests, whose winners are listed below.

Currently, Cola Literary Review does not run any contests. If we decide to run contests in the future, we will be sure to announce them on our social media pages.

Chapbook Prize

2021 Fiction Chapbook Prize Winner:

2021 Poetry Chapbook Prize Winner:

2020 Fiction Chapbook Prize Winner:

2020 Poetry Chapbook Prize Winner:

2019 Poetry Chapbook Prize Winner:

2018 Poetry Chapbook Prize Winner:

Poetry Prize

2021 Poetry Winner:

2020 Poetry Winner:

2019 Poetry Winner:

2018 Poetry Winner:

Fiction Prize

2021 Fiction Winner:

2020 Fiction Winner:

2019 Fiction Winner:

2018 Fiction Winner:
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