Red Filter

For the Cosmic Campground

At the dark sky campsite I put a red filter over my flashlight.

Everything looks spooky like this. I see a tent. The tent looks

spooky. I see a tree. The tree looks spooky. I see a bear. The bear

looks spooky. The bear says I look spooky. It’s spooky that

the bear can speak. The bear was dreaming a good dream. The bear

says I’m a nightmare. I see a nightmare. The nightmare looks

spooky. I go to bed. I turn the flashlight off. It keeps looking.

February 1, 2023

Evan Williams

Evan Williams is a Chicago-based poet interested in surrealism, masculinity, and the natural world. They are a co-founder of the temporary prose poetry journal, Obliterat, and the author of the chapbook Claustrophobia, Surprise! (HAD Chaps). More of Evan's work can be found in DIAGRAM, Pleiades, and Bennington Review, among others. They're on Twitter @evansquilliams.

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