[Horns everywhere]

HORNS EVERYWHERE, not  hard  pointy  protrusions  from  heads,  but

trumpets  and saxophones and trombones,  shoved  in  closets,  stuffed

under  beds,  buried  in the yard, hidden horns, tubas and French ones,

a  whole  gigantic  marching  band,  one  that  used  to  be  louder  than

bulldozers,  louder  than  jets,  louder  than  Aunt  Catherine  after three

margaritas   (no salt),   a   single   euphonium   seen   from  an  upstairs

window  gave it away,  authorities  alerted,  neighbors notified,  hushed

horns  at  the  house  on  Hillcrest,  oh,  I wish  I had been there at their

unveiling,   removed  one   by  one,  silent  brass,  saved   from   danger,

work of madmen.

June 19, 2023

Jeffrey Letterly

Jeffrey Letterly is a composer and multi-disciplined performer. He was born and raised in the heartland of the Midwest and now resides in Syracuse, NY. His poetry appears or is forthcoming in Atticus Review, BlazeVOX, BOMBFIRE, The Comstock Review, Del Sol Review, Dishsoap Quarterly, RHINO, Pif Magazine, samfiftyfour, Sip Cup, and Stone Canoe, among others.

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